South Padre Island beach wedding permit. The complete SPI Intimate Wedding-Elopement Guide. Top 5 things you should know.

south padre island beach wedding permit south padre island beach wedding permit


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You have chosen the best wedding beach in Texas. We created a quick guide to make sure and get your wedding ideas and planning in order before your big day. Click on "contact us" if you have any questions not covered or are interested in getting started with one of our SPI elopement photography packages today!

South Padre Island beach wedding permit. Micro Weddings, Elopement, Intimate Ceremony. There are several ways to refer to a small beach wedding but they all work the same. First, you should pick the best beach in Texas, South Padre Island, and then just follow our tips to make sure and get the best SPI wedding experience!

1- Make it Legal. Get a Permit. South Padre Island Beach Wedding Permit.

The City’s special event permit (beach weddings) is not expensive but can save you a last-minute headache for your special day. Make sure and cover the $25 permit fee and notify them of your beach access and time you plan for your ceremony. Here is the info link:

My SPI Fees Invoice

2- Consider A Coordinator/Planner.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning a long-distance beach wedding at South Padre Island. Having someone local could save you unpleasant surprises. One of the most important things they can help you with is. to get a south padre island beach wedding permit. Wedding planners and coordinators can also help you sort out local vendors to add some fun to your reception. Photo Booth / DJ / Live music etc

3- Choose your background. How to pick the best beach access.

South Padre Island City has about 25 different beach access points and picking a good one can make all the difference. If planning your wedding in high season try to pick one of the more remote accesses and stay away from the major hotels and beach bars to avoid the huge crowds. In peak season there will probably still be people around your ceremony and this is where having a good planner or coordinator can be a huge help. Having your beach wedding on a weekday or in the offseason can give you a better chance for a little more privacy.


4- Head to the Bay. Plan a sunset session by the bay.

If you have ever been to South Padre Island or have googled SPI you know about the incredible sunsets on the bayside. One of the best things you can do on your special day is to take some photos with the beautiful sunset background you will cherish forever. As your photographers, we will guide you to make the most out of your wedding day. We help you plan your itinerary and we will take you to the most beautiful locations for the best pictures.


5- Wedding Vendors you should know:

Our favorite venues, planners and services:

Casa Mariposa, Namar, The Pearl, Isla Grand Resort, Hilton South Padre, Loco Booth, South Padre Beach Ceremony 

Bonus info:

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